Haratago ©Nahia Garat


Jordi Cassagne’s journey has taken him along a joyful path wandering among his artistic encounters, immersed in early music and playing the violone or simply letting himself be swept along by the alchemy of jazz and improvised music.

In 2014, he completed his studies at the Conservatoire Royal in The Hague graduating with a Masters in Jazz double bass. Then, in 2016, he enrolled in the violone and Baroque double bass class at the Conservatoire Royal in Brussels.

In the verticality of his instrument, shape and wood of a young tree, sombreness gleams in flights of inspired, robust fugues and dances of infallible rhythmic waves. The secret lies not only in his instinctive arm and bow, thanks to relentless work, but also his approach. They testify to the presence of the inner strengths deep within him.

He can be heard on stage with his sextet UNTUZ, whose music gravitates around personal compositions, and also in various projects such as his solo Soir Fossile, Bengalifère, Le Bal de Marie Galante, Haratago, Omega Impact, Terpsichore and JulienMarga4tet. Over the last few years, he has not only played in France (Jazz in Marciac, Jazz à Vienne, Errobiko Festibala , Les Éthiopiques de Mars, Uzeste Musical, for example) but also in the Netherlands (North Sea Jazz Festival, Nederlands Dans Theater), in Belgium, Poland, Spain (Jazzaldia in San Sebastian), Cape Verde, and even in Brazil (Tudo é Jazz).